“One stroke at a time” added up for this golfer.

“One stroke at a time” added up for this golfer.

Hi there, fellow golfer:

We recently introduced you to Terry Young, a GameGolf user whose journey serves as a roadmap for late starters – and anyone else with an eye on improvement.

Here’s more insight from Terry’s tale:

Terry took up golf 12 years ago, at age 47, with a set of hand-me-down clubs from his brother.

He worked on his game for several years, with little to show for it on the scorecard. (Sound familiar?)

Then in 2014, Terry’s wife gave him the gift of GameGolf.

He took to it like a duck to water.

Terry, who uses data extensively in his professional life, finally had the feedback he needed to plot a course forward.

Driving distance. Driving accuracy. Greens in Regulation.

Misses to the right. Misses to the left. Misses short and misses long.

The system captured it all, for each and every round, helping Terry pinpoint his weaknesses and attack them through practice.

What helped him most? Finally knowing, instead of just guessing, his actual yardages with each club.

“That was a game changer,” Terry says.

Still, progress didn’t come overnight. In this game, it rarely does.

Terry’s scores hovered in the 90s, sometimes topping 100 and occasionally hitting the 80s, for his first year or so using GameGolf.

(His rounds have included bucket-list spots like Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes and Pinehurst. To date, he’s played more than 80 of America’s top 100 courses.)

Was he discouraged? Nope. More like determined.

Unlike some golfers, Terry didn’t expect to go from a 30-plus handicap to a scratch in the blink of an eye.

He set goals for incremental improvement. “One stroke at a time,” Terry says.

With the help of GameGolf, that’s what he got.

An extra fairway hit here. On more GIR there. Another up-and-down made, another water hazard avoided and before you know it…

Terry’s scores were steadily falling.

How far are we talking here?

In January 2021, Terry fired his best-ever round – a 74 at Eagle Mountain GC in Arizona.

He did it by hitting 77% of the fairways, 12 of 18 greens and carding three birdies.

Not bad for a guy who’d struggled to a 90 on the same course less than six years before.

Terry’s now the proud owner of a single-digit handicap – and a long string of breakthroughs and milestones.

We’ll detail those moments, which include three holes-in-one, in our next email.

Who knows, Terry may add a fourth ace before then.

To check out Terry’s full GameGolf profile, including the amazing courses he’s played and how he’s fared, click here: Terry Young – Full Profile

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