GameGolf Announces Next-Generation KZN Shot-Tracking Platform

GameGolf Announces Next-Generation KZN Shot-Tracking Platform

GAMEGOLF, the game’s leading GPS shot- and stat-tracking sensor platform, announces its most extensive and innovative upgrades to date with the launch of its next-generation technology “KZN,” short for Kaizen (pronounced KY-zen), which means “constant improvement” in Japanese and Korean cultures. The cutting-edge new GameGolf KZN platform supports the company’s reinvigorated vision and reinvestment to maintain its position as the leading GPS stat tracker for golfers and coaches.

GameGolf KZN has launched with updated pricing – the $269.99 price includes the KZN hardware and a free one-year membership (a nearly $120 value) – making KZN the most affordable and technically advanced system in the space while elevating the user experience across the board.

“The release of GameGolf KZN celebrates the complete reimagining and reengineering of golf’s original GPS shot-tracking system, with markedly improved design and technology advancements and a tremendously elevated user experience,” says Joe McKnight, V.P. of Engineering at GameGolf. “Golfers and coaches who enjoy technology in this category are going to be blown away by its responsiveness, accuracy, graphics, gamified modes and deep, robust shot analysis – all designed to dive deeper than ever before into the individual shots and skills they need to shoot lower scores and improve their game faster.”

With an engaging new platform and user interface, GameGolf KZN provides an immersive, data-centric, and improvement-driven player experience – thanks to significant technology upgrades. Users will enjoy unprecedented GPS shot tracking, data collection and stat tracking.

The first thing golfers will notice is the sleek, compact hardware unit and its high-tech black and metallic look. It clips to the golfer’s belt. Players also attach GameGolf KZN’s 14 lightweight smart tags to their clubs. What elevates these tags above all others: They house replaceable batteries that eliminate the need to buy new smart tags when the batteries deplete.

GameGolf developers have also made dedicated strides to ensure Exceptional Battery Life. The smart tags are powerful and work in concert with a state-of-the-art A.I. Neural Network that provides an incredibly accurate shot tracking system and the first to use the same smart tags for woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters. Any KZN smart tag attaches to any club. Then there is the system’s speed. GameGolf KZN uses an advanced and powerful GPS chip that enables impressively fast GPS shot location uploads – for a highly responsive and seamless user interaction.

GameGolf completely revamped its IT infrastructure, while also adding a new digital User Experience across its Apps and a Performance Dashboard that is more visual, gamified, and highly interactive. Golfers can dive deeper than ever into their data and stats analysis, to help quickly and efficiently improve their game.

In the Post Round Analysis section, the game is broken into Strokes Gained categories that motivate golfers and allow them to compare elements of their game to others with similar, higher or lower handicaps. The system will also pinpoint and suggest practice areas of a game that will help golfers more quickly reach their desired handicap.

Taking advantage of the industry’s most accurate shot-tracking platform is as easy as arriving at the course and pressing a button. There's no need to tap an external wearable device. GPS location can be detected in as little as 10 seconds from powering your device at more than 36,000 courses, so you are ready to play golf immediately. GameGolf KZN recognizes the location of the course and is ready to go. It operates in three different modes.

The first playing mode is Offline – simply start playing and the system automatically detects and tracks every shot and yardage by each club, and then automatically uploads the custom data to the companion smartphone app (iOS, Android) or the GameGolf website for review. It’s ideal for people who don't want to bother with their phone on the course. In the second Live mode, golfers use their phone, on which they can see fly-by hole graphics and their live ball position. Shots are instantly recorded, as well. Plus, golfers can play live competitions with friends who are on the course at the same time.

The third mode is the truly advanced Smart Caddie. Previously available as an add-on subscription, it is now included in the standard price. After about six rounds using GameGolf KZN, golfers can have Smart Caddie recommend customized shots and club selection, based on their unique shot tendencies and current playing conditions. It’s genuinely like having a caddie’s knowledge in hand.

Smart Caddie factors in wind, humidity and elevation. And users can choose if they want Smart Caddie to feed them advice based on a Safe, Optimal or Aggressive Strategy. It is designed specifically to create a seamless and unmatched immersive, on-course experience for golfers that leads them to make better playing and practice decisions to lower their scores.

For both players and coaches (Individual or Team), the Smart Caddie app analyzes 10 key data points to a game-changing level. Coaches can easily log into a player’s Performance Dashboard and analyze important strokes-gained data (Tee-to-Green, Off-the-Tee, Approach the Green, Around-the-Green, Putting) pulled from both leisure and competitive rounds. For high-school and college golf coaches, this can take overall team improvement to another level. With video and statistical data platforms similar to the technology commonly used by football and basketball coaches today, GameGolf KZN opens up the power of deep-dive, performance-improvement-driven data analytics for golf teams everywhere.

Additional data points the platform provides includes individual scores and averages, GPS rangefinder for more than 36,000 golf courses, individual handicaps, club yardages, and overall shot dispersion. All of this shot data together provides valuable insight on what players need to work on to create strategic practice plans for game improvement.

“Interactivity and social engagement are other incredible ways that GameGolf KZN stands apart," says McKnight. "From real-time, in-round competitions in KZN’s Live Mode to the ability to share shot data with coaches and instructors for optimal game improvement, this system harnesses, aggregates and shares your shot data in ways that will set you on the fast track to better golf and deeper enjoyment of the game.”

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About GameGolf
GameGolf from Game Your Game Inc. launched into the golf business in 2014 with GameGolf Classic, inspiring golfers, and instructors to change the way data is collected and used to improve on-course performance through technology. GameGolf has been used in 137+ countries worldwide, with 3+ million rounds played and 300+ million shots hit by the GameGolf community.

GameGolf’s platform provides tour level analytics that include Smart Caddie (powered by Artificial Intelligence), GPS Rangefinder, Performance Dashboard, Strokes Gained Analytics, Benchmarks, Challenges, Live Leaderboard, and much more. The technology can also be used in competition by amateurs, tour professionals, PGA professionals, collegiate, high school, and junior academy programs worldwide, who now benefit from its valuable data and stats.

GameGolf won the Golf Digest 2016 and 2017 Editor’s Choice Award for Best Game Analyzers and is the only wearable analyzer on the Golf Range Association of America's (GRAA) annual list of “Top 25 Teaching and Training Aids.”

GameGolf and the new “KZN” platform can be downloaded to any iOS or Android phone. Visit, or follow on Facebook and Twitter @GAMEGOLF and on Instagram @GAME_GOLF, #GAMEGOLF.

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