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Game Golf PRO is Golf’s Most Powerful & Accurate GPS Shot Tracker, designed to help you shoot lower scores. We track every shot, yardage and club hit, even giving you recommendations as you play. Our sensors allow for fully automatic shot detection to play with absolute freedom.

Includes access to Smart Caddie (AI), GPS Rangefinder, Strokes Gained Analytics, Coaching Dashboard, Benchmarks, Challenges, Live Leaderboards, and much more. (Phone Optional on-course)

Game Golf System Could Be A Better Option.

Launch monitors have changed golf.

There’s no doubt about that.

You can use a monitor to dial in your set to perfection by optimizing launch angles, spin rates and all kinds of ball flight details.

But once you’ve got every club just right… then what?

At that point, the launch monitor’s job is basically done.

And if you paid a pretty penny for it, hopefully, you got your money’s worth.

An investment in the Game Golf shot tracking system, on the other hand, keeps delivering major value.

Shot after shot. Round after round. Year after year.

Like a launch monitor, you can use Game Golf to track every shot you hit on the range. It’ll tell you how far you carry every club, plus which direction and how far off line.

That’s where the similarities end.

Unlike a launch monitor, Game Golf goes with you on the course.
And what does it do there? Glad you asked.

For starters, Game Golf gives you precise yardages to every target via GPS.

It records the result of every shot, including the club, distance and direction.

It also records the type of lie type on each approach shot, whether you’re in the fairway, sand or someplace else.

It even calculates your “Strokes Gained” off the tee, on the approach, around the greens and putting. That’s the same stat tour pros use to see where they stand vs. the field (then plan their practice accordingly). 

And Game Golf’s Smart Caddie app gives you personalized advice on strategy, club selection and more.

Can a launch monitor do all that?

Nope. In fact, a launch monitor can’t do any of that.

About the only thing Game Golf can’t do is bring you drinks… but we’re working on it. ☺

We should also mention that Game Golf is the much more affordable option if you’re choosing between our system and a launch monitor.

Which makes the choice all the more obvious.

Game Golf: The More You Know, the Lower You Score

Meet Terry Young

Terry is a Minnesota resident with more than 700 Game Golf rounds under his belt. Over the past seven years, he’s used the program to slash his handicap by a whopping 26 strokes.

He’s also living proof that it’s never too late to start playing golf – and play it very well. A few facts and figures on Terry’s game:

  • Took up golf at age 47 (he’s now 59)
  • Despite using numerous training aids, played for about 5 years without much progress
  • Began using Game Golf as a 34 handicapper in 2014. He’s now an 8, with a career-low score of 74 and three holes-in-one
  • Has played 84 of the world’s top 100 golf courses
  • Terry’s PGA pro uses Game Golf to help build his lesson plans
  • Considers Game Golf a vital piece of equipment: “You can't play golf without a ball, and now I don't think I can play without Game Golf, either.”

Smart Caddie:
- Be Confident

It's like having your own personal caddie who considers every shot you've ever hit, and has identified all of your tendencies and understands the course. We even account for the effect of weather, elevation and more.

Smart Caddie:
- Be Informed

Manage the course like a pro. Get instant feedback on every shot you hit with precise distances to the greens, hazards and landing zones on over 36,000 courses worldwide.

Smart Caddie:
- Be Right

Make the most informed decision every time. Track your Club distances, Tee and Approach Shot accuracy, Fairway & Greens Hit/Missed, Putting Stats and MUCH MORE



Sean Foley - World Renowned Golf Instructor

"When it comes to improvement in anything in life, but certainly in golf, why would you guess what you can measure?"

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“I dropped my handicap by 5 strokes in my first 10 rounds with GAMEGOLF.”

- Chris Price (UK)


"Game Golf PRO helped me eliminate the thought of not knowing which club to use and the GPS feature worked tremendously. After testing out the main competitors’ products, it will be hard to overcome the knowledge and performance of Game Golf PRO.
- Ryan Lopez, MI, USA

*Ballyliffin Golf Club, Ireland (Irish Open 2018)


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